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SSS, How much to bet?

    • jg2000
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 10
      What if you hit a made hand in a freeplay situaton. It says you should bet
      2/3 of the pot. But usually the pot is so small.

      So if someone bets or raises after you is all-in the correct play?

      What if the pot is very small and you hit something? Do you only
      bet 2/3, since you should extract more money from players.

      What to do if you bet 2/3 of the pot and only get called?
      I'm asking for both examples : being and not being preflop agressor

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    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi jg2000,

      well I' wondering how you can get a freeplay as preflop aggressor... but anyways...
      If you hit a good made hand in a freeplay you can bet between 2/3 potsize and potsize. You can still get the money in on the turn if you want so why should you overbet?

      If you get called you've got to evaluate. How strong is your hand. How much money is in the pot and how much money do you have left. How aggressive/loose is the opponent.
      It all depends on the situation and the circumstances.
      There is no real standard advice for such situations since there are so many different aspects you have to consider.
      But in general we try to get the money in with a good made hand. (good does not mean top pair top kicker on a 345 board...)

      Best regards,
    • davidangel
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 456
      This is a good question. Perhaps the mod will move it to the NL section??

      The question can only apply to freeplays, when you are in the BB with 0 preflop raises. I have made good profits from freeplays, I mostly only play 2 pair or better, and my advice is directed towards the micro limits. I agree with Chiller3k, situation and circumstances (context) is very important and your best option is to post hands and ask questions. I will try to give you a general answer.

      Often the pot starts small, 3-6 BBs, lots of players, so my first bet is nearly always a full potsize, 2/3 on a dry board with a good hand. I dont try to get fancy or trap with a made-monster, except maybe vs aggresive fish HU, or a few aggressive chum that like to raise each other. No reads = bet, they might be sitting on a set or aces, and I want thier tokens.

      For TPTK I need A99+ KJJ+ HU I play A88+ KTT+ and QJJ+ JQQ+
      For a monster draw I must have 12+ CLEAN outs (this is important)
      For a draw I play check/call if I get correct odds, with discounts, to continue

      If I have bet first in on the flop with my made hand or monster draw and am re-raised, I should immediatly push all-in.
      If I am only called with a monster draw I should push the turn regardless if I hit or not.
      If I am only called with a made hand I should evaluate the turn and consider if villian made his draw. If not I continue betting, pushing all-in at first favorable time. No free river cards!
      If I called and hit my draw I bet. Trying to trap and giving free river cards is bad for SSSr

      Happy chum hunting