Hi from New/old poker player

    • pokerini1
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      Hello Forum,

      My name is Luis Matos,

      I am actually not new on the forum but I am a lazy guy to participate in any type of debate.

      Old to the laziness i've been around poker without care about nothing ad actually not paying attention to the game.

      New because I am a winner and love to win so since few months ago I wanna prove myself to me that I can be on the green side of poker I started to study the game properly and hopefully start winning.

      In this journey I hope to get to know new people that love the game like me (yeah be a losing player I keep playing its because I love it), and well discuss situations ...so hopefully Ill start posting a bit more.
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    • faronel
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      Hey, mate!

      I know exactly how it feels being an old/new player in poker!

      As far as my poker experience goes, I grind a month here or there. Produce some modest results and then just lose the motivation and stop playing, without any serious reason to do so. I have been around PokerStrategy for three years now but I have not moved a single level up yet - microfish forever. :f_love:

      But seriously, I am on a new wave of wanting to achieve something in poker, just like you are. Maybe we can compete in Summer Challenge, as a partial external motivator? Although, I am slightly ahead already. But the idea still stands.

      P.S. This on-and-off poker life is like a bipolar mood disorder. I call it bipolar poker disorder. :f_biggrin:
    • Lazza61
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      Hey Luis,

      Welcome to the English forums. :)

      I feel your pain bro. :f_biggrin: I can be lazy and unmotivated in regards to playing, studying and doing session reviews.

      Nice to see you are about to get serious. I'll definitely follow, as you may inspire me to be better.

      Have fun

    • Ramble
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      Welcome Luis (or should I say welcome back ;) ),

      Not sure what format you are playing, but I found for me that a great motivator was joining a study group/coaching and maintaining/reading blogs. I love playing the game and studying it on my own, but there is something about discussing hands with other like-minded people that can keep you going when you would otherwise quit.

      My standard 2 pieces of advice:
      1) Follow a good Bank-Roll Management system.
      2) Don't try to learn too much too quickly - pick one thing to improve and really work on it for a week or two until it becomes automatic before moving on to the next study point.

      Good luck and keep it fun.
    • imriverd
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      Welcome back luis good luck on the felt
    • hellaszz
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      Hi mate,

      Welcome :)
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      Welcome Luis,

      Best of luck in improving your mental game, feel free to ask whatever you are interested in.

      Also, I would recommend starting a blog here to keep yourself motivated and on a good path.

      Kind regards,
    • NezNanec
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      Hey man, this feels like reading my own introduction a year ago :f_cool: .

      I used to just stalk this page and (especially the forums) without ever bothering with posting but ever since I started it's becoming more and more of a habit.

      I don't think it's what you'd call lazy exactly just a general feeling of I don't have time for discussion, let's just play poker. Glad to see you're trying to change it.

      And also, just like you I've been coming back to poker for about 3 years now on a regular monthly basis (when money, my schedule and my nerves allow), and have lately been trying hard to be a winning player. Being a 25-y old student makes this very appealing.

      Concerning your mental game there's a good series from a guy called Snitzelfish (or something like that) on here talking about motivation and productivity. If you search around a bit, I'm sure you'll find it, and I recommend it a lot.

      I also find that watching a good coaching session or instructional video will help to keep me motivated to play more, so I usually try to watch something before I start my sessions.

      Anyway welcome to the forums and good luck