Poker Copilot : All-in equity value ($)

    • guitarmytheRNMD
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      Dear poker comrades,

      I have installed the free trial version of Poker Copilot. After some research one thing stays pretty unclear to me: the all-in equity ($) chart.

      Can anyone explain this to me and in which way it could provide any usefull information? I've added a example of the chart.

      Does it matter if you play SnG or ring games concerning the interpretation?

      Thank you very much!

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    • stukkrapoel
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      If used pokercopilot for quit some time and always thought there was something strange with this for tournaments. For cashgames on the other hand its just to show your all in ev. Copilot calculates your ev when your all in. So lets say your all in with AA vs KK on 100NL. Your all in ev is $80 and this will be added to the orange line. It shows how lucky you are or unlucky ftm in all in situations.