Odds Odds Odds.

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      Odds Odds Odds.

      I'm having a lot of trouble to intergrate numbers and odds into my decision making at the tables.

      I can take a step back and analyze what's happend in a hand. I can decide what to do based on villain's stats and previous encounters with villian.

      E.G. Villain is 37/5 and folds 87% to C-bet on flop.
      Sure, I can manage.

      But it's limited. I'm not looking for an extensive guide on how to configure your HEM2.

      But I can't say, well clearly my fold equity is ... here, and I have to do this or that based on that.

      I've read articles and discussed hands on the forum. I've shared my handhistory with poker players whom I consider capable of giving well-founded feedback. I'm not considering to hire a pro to sit down with me since this would be too big an investment. I'm however searching for a way too learn where to begin using numbers more and more to justify my decisions.

      What would u guys reckon is a good way/place to go from here?

      How did you test yourself after making a decision. Regardless of outcome?

      Did you have any tricks or help to make it easier for yourself to use numbers and odds during a hand(s)?

      Looking forward to your suggestions.
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    • SneakyhanD
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      There are tricks to memorize these stuff, but you gotta practice it until you know it by heart so you don't spend time and energy calculating stuff in live-session.

      Here is something useful:

      The right table is more important imo, you memorize it and u know what odds you get when you face a bet, i.e;

      Pot is 20bb, villain bets 15bb, you need your hand to be ahead more than 30% of the time.
      Pot is 20bb, villain bets 20bb's, you need 33% equity or more.

      Pot is 1$, villain bets 0.33$, u need 20%+

      Note: it does not include implied odds
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      Cool charts, SneakyhanD -- Thanks!

      There are no implied odds on the river, unless you plan to raise, so that makes sense in a way.

      For flop and turn odds when drawing to straights or flushes, see the article "Odds and Outs".

      There is a "Poker Odds Chart" in there that is worth printing and keeping ready to hand along with SneakyhandD's charts.

      Best of luck,