BSS for Zoom

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      Hi Spidey1978,

      Zoom indeed has it's own dynamics and differences vs reg tables, but some basic BSS strategy is ofc applicable to both zoom and reg tables games.

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    • DrDunne
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      the differences between zoom and regular tables:
      - no table selection is possible in zoom
      - image is less of a consideration because you are moving tables so often (e.g. you could 3bet 5 hands in a row in zoom if you liked and nobody would know)
      - you can get some nice volume in.
      - you will have to actively try to not autopilot
      - probably less opportunity to work on read-building
      - fish might be slightly tighter because they can fold trash quickly.

      the similarities:
      - everything else

      you don't need a separate strategy for zoom, you just need to experience both and acknowledge the differences.
    • VorpalF2F
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      The only thing I would add to DrDunne's list is that stealing is more successful.

      Or it seems to be.

      Best of luck,