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constructing a baseline for a push/fold chart at micro limit games

    • shanesmith
      Joined: 17.07.2009 Posts: 202
      good evening,

      In 10bb super turbo games, when constructing a basic push chart for a quick reference should we be using the proper nash equlibrium ranges or should we adjust our min edge, only i think at the micros our ranges could be to lose, so as a guideline what edge should we use if any? (i use simplenash software)

      If possible i would like to also open a skype group up on this subject to get other peoples opinions on ranges, i think it would be interesting for a small group to study this part of the game.

      thx shane
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, shanesmith!

      I will definitely advice you to play an exploitve game(no nash) at least down to 7-8bb effective when in HU. Or maybe you are asking about nash when ICM is involved(3 and more players). Then my answer will be the same. Depending on our position and opponents to act, we should be able to take a line that has the highest expected value.

      1) Example:
      -we are HU, 10bb effective, we have JJ and we know our opponent is isolates limps quite a bit-then I suggest limping all the big pairs(99+), strong broadway hands like KTs, QJs, KTo, QTo, JTs just because we have higher expectation of limping them than raise/calling or open pushing them.
      -opponents flats a lot and doesn't like to fold easy postflop and we have 22-66 or small Aces for 15bb effective-HU again, I suggest open pushing these hands as they have much higher expected value being open pushed against such opponent than being raised or limped

      When ICM is involved, we need to adjust to that accordlingly. F.e. sometimes hand as strong as 99 has to be pushed blind vs blind(say we are on the bubble, we are midstack against the big stack for 20bb effective. We are sitting in the SB, he's on the BB. BTN is the shortstack who has 5bb. We hold 99 and we expect the BB to either flat and play back often or ship over our raise very lite, because he knows he can put a lot of pressure on us. Than raise/calling 99 becomes quite bad, limping also as it doesn't play well postflop OOP, so there you go-shove is the best play. Sometimes we can raise/call the top of our range and raise/fold the bottom of it and ship hands in the middle. Sometimes ship stronger hands(as we expect the opponent to call lighter) etc, etc