switching from Pokerstars to partypoker cash game?

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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, AndyBJ...
      I really don't have the answer, because I no longer play on PP.

      If you check pokerscout for the relative traffic on the two sites, I think that you'll find Pokerstars has the bigger pools.

      Also, I suggest we move this thread to either the PokerStars or the PartyPoker board -- people there may have the specific knowledge you seek.

      Best of luck,
    • AndyBJ
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      Yea pokerstars are great and smooth software! but i fell they have so many nits at pokerstars, kinda hard to find any fishes..

      I think many regs don't like partypoker becouse its laggy and ugly.. and hard to mass multi table

      I think fishes don't care about it?
    • DonkeyDirk
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      Try unibet :) I play at unibet they dont segregate players on winrate lots of fishes no HEM or PT4 allowed. It brings the fun back in poker imo for me :)
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      Hi Andy,

      We have one interesting thread, you'll find it here. People there suggest different poker rooms for different formats etc. So I'm sure you'll find some useful info there. glgl!

      Kind regards,