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Beware of MANSION Poker!!!!

    • SpiriteWalker
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 22
      To SoyCD and all others on this site...

      SoyCD, you will probably remember me and my problems with MANSION poker over the past 6 months. First, I couldn't see the real money cash tables on my computer or my wife's computer. Only the real money tourney tables would show. Then MANSION merged with iPoker and put out a new server and client software. What fun, now it would not even let me log onto the site.

      Of course, I contacted "Support" and went through weeks of suggested fixes. Nothing worked. I even sent them a screenshot of the error message I was getting when I tried to log on. In the end, MANSION support told me to 'figure it out' myself.

      So, I asked to withdraw my funds! I received a reply asking me to document my ID to prove that I was not trying to commit a Fraud? They knew I couldn't even log on anymore, how could my withdrawal request trigger a fraud investigation??

      I sent them a photo of my ID card. After several days without hearing from them I emailed about the status of my withdrawal. MANSION replied that they couldn't find the photo of my ID card!!! Further, they expanded their request for documentation to include 'Utility Bills', Bank Statements, and a 'Passport ID'..

      Utility bills are in my wife's name, I get E-Statements from my bank that don't show my current address, and I don't have a Passport??

      So, I sent MANSION another clear photo of my ID card, a photo of a Bank Wire Transfer document with my Bank showing my current address and the number appearing on my ID card that the bank used to identify me, AND a current photo of myself holding the Bank Wire Transfer document and my ID card.

      About a week ago MANSION emailed me saying that they "accepted all my documents for identification purposes", then, in the next sentence they said my ID card is invalid and they wanted a 'Passport'!!

      Yes, my ID card is expired... I'm 61 years old, do not drive a car so I don't have a Drivers License, and I have not needed to update my ID card because everyone here has accepted my old ID when I needed to use it.. I didn't realize that I stopped being ME when my ID card expired??

      Anyhow, I've had it with MANSION Poker, and certainly feel that I have provided enough proof that I am not underage, and I am the person who I have claimed to be for identification purposes. I have asked them to mail a withdrawal check to the same name and address I opened the account with six months or so ago.

      MANSION is apparently not bothering to even respond to my emails now, so I obviously have little recourse left and little hope in getting my money out of their online casino. MANSION will not even explain what 'fraud' they feel I might be perpetrating on an account that has just over $100 in it??

      I currently have real money accounts at two other well known sites. I have made withdrawals from both these accounts over the past few years with absolutely no hassels or ID checks.

      Would the same thing happen to you if you had an account at MANSION?? I can't say that it would, but then again, if they won't give me my money the question has to be present in your mind too.

      SoyCD... Can you people contact MANSION Poker and help me resolve this mess?? People just don't deserve this much pain and agony when trying to get their own money out of their own account.

      Any help would be appreciated....
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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello SpiriteWalker,

      I remember your case all too well. In hindsight I guess your problems with real money problems actually stem from your residence in a restricted territory (Puerto Rico) from which Mansion were not able to accept players. Upon joining I-poker things turned even more impossible - so I hoped you would be able to get your money off the site without problems.

      I'm sad to see this wasn't the case. I will see what we can do to help you.

      Best regards,
    • SpiriteWalker
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 22
      Thank You, SoyCD... Much appreciated...

      FYI... I told Mansion that I lived in Puerto Rico and suggested that this was the reason I was not allowed to log onto their iPoker site... Much to my surprise, they responded that they did accept players from Puerto Rico even though this is not the case with any other USA restricted site that I know of.. Specifically, Titan Poker kicked me off when they decided to stop allowing USA players, and Titan is an iPoker site??

      I've gotten so many silly responses from Mansion lately that I'm no longer sure what they want or how they interpret their policies...
    • grunta0
      Joined: 01.01.2008 Posts: 23
      See my post Mansion Poker Rip Off.
    • SpiriteWalker
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 22
      SoyCD... Here's an update on my traumatic experience with MANSION Poker. If you folks talked to them, I appreciate it very much..

      Last Monday, the 17th, I received an email from MANSION Security telling me that they had 'accepted' my documents as verifying my account... These are the same documents they denied a week earlier...

      I replied telling them I expected them to go ahead and process my withdrawal and send me my funds... LOL.. Boy, am I naive!!!

      This morning I got another email from MANSION Security... It said;

      "If you want to withdraw your funds from your account, please log into your account and request the withdrawal"...

      THIS IS SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE!!! I can't log on to my account at all... They know this... The past six weeks have been all about my inability to log onto my account since they changed to the new iPoker software...

      I really think that it's a good thing for the members of Poker Strategy to be able to read about things like this... If a poker site is this unorganized, your members should be made aware of this... Either this poker site vastly improves its operational and communication skills or it will not have anyone playing poker there... That's how it should be..