Graph explained?

    • rap1dw1n3r
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      Hello, so I want to know how to possible identify some of my leaks using the graph and maybe some one could break things down how to understand the lines shown?
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    • DrDunne
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      leak1: expecting leaks to be seen on a graph, particularly of <50k hands.

      about the lines, green = total net won; blue = winnings from showdown; red = winnings from non-showdowns; orange = EV net won.

      the only thing i see about your graph is that the majority of your winnings come from non-showdown pots, i.e. making your opponents fold. this could be for a number of reasons and it is difficult to say. this may or may not be a leak. it may be the case that you are not folding enough postflop and so your blue line (SD) suffers but your red line (NSD) doesn't so much because you aren't giving up so often postflop. the reason why it's hard to say if this is a leak or not is because you are winning, albeit on an extremely low and unmeaningful sample.