white screen after log in

    • klawo
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      Hi guys,

      When i log in I got white screen and it stays forever.. anyone had this problem? I got Windows 7 on my laptop, java, flesh etc all is updated.

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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, klawo,
      I don't play on Everest, but I've never seen this on the two iPoker skins I do play on.

      On William Hill, I occasionally see the app hang while trying to log in.

      The solution then is to kill the process using Task Manager.

      If you can't find it on the applications tab, the process name is casino.exe, and you can kill it on the processes tabl.

      After doing that, it has (so far) always worked on the 2nd attempt.

      Also, in the past there was an issue with iPoker apps and HM2.
      I don't know if it is still necessary, but always start iPoker and log in before running HM2.

      Best of luck,