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pot odds

    • DougWatts
      Joined: 20.02.2014 Posts: 23
      Hey guys,
      short and simple...

      how exact should i be when using pot odds? (if 40% is bet on flop and i have 35% of hitting flush is this still a standard call or standard fold? Late stage would this be standard shove with strong suites?)

      With the whole implied odds this kinds throws me off a bit when a bet is made and i have a draw but the bet is costing me just a bit more then the odds are saying to call...

      any feedback helps..
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    • Jaquare
      Joined: 23.04.2014 Posts: 36
      You should precise the hands (with how much BB you have, he has, level, your specific hand and how he played before-his tendency etc..)

      Usually, your pot odds should be bigger than the odds itself to make the call to win in the long run!
    • DougWatts
      Joined: 20.02.2014 Posts: 23
      so, if i have flush draw on flop

      35% chance of hitting

      pot is 1000
      bet is 400 to call which = 1400

      35% of 1400 = 490

    • PerusJamppa
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 2,714
      You have ~35% chance to hit if you see turn and river.

      If it's all-in, then 1400:400 = 3,5:1 = ~22% so yes, it's a call

      If he would bet pot (all-in): 2000:1000 = 2:1 = ~33% so you could still call.
    • SRwtf
      Joined: 19.03.2014 Posts: 53
      the strength of a draw depends on what alternatives you have - meaning: do you have any straight draw or backdoor straight draw? Can you win if you pair your hand on the latter streets?
      So it really actually depends on what exactly you're holding and what the board is.
      I'm not gonna give you PerusJamppa style mathematics because we both know we will never do this kind of math on the table ;)
      but he's right.

      TL;DR: With the implied odds this is an easy call.
      40% of the flop? You don't call that much for 9 outs unless the draw is strong. If it is strong go for it.
    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,183
      Odds are very important, but as you already figured out yourself we can sometimes call although we don't get the correct odds. That's due to the implied odds which should be taken into account.

      Regarding the math:
      If the pot is 1000 and he bets 500 you would need to call another 500 for a total pot of 2000. Divide the amount you have to call (500) by the total pot that would be the result (2000) and you have your pot odds. Next step would be to define your outs and get your win% that way.