Take $T or to play??

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      Hi all,

      Today I won a seat to the FTOPS Main Event with an $8.70 buy-in and a $8 Add-on. The tourney is a $635 entry...

      I have a few options I want to ask which is the best route.

      I could obviously play and see how far my $17 can take me...

      I can unregister and take the $T but how can those be used?? I'm assuming it isn't like a $26 ticket that has to be used on a $635 tourney...I'm hoping I can cash it out and buy into multiple tourneys with it like cash, as I have grown my tourney bankroll to about $1k and I'd like to have a $635 bump :)

      I also heard I can convert $T to cash...does that make sense??

      What do people typically do with these large prizes??

      Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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