Crushing MTTs in 2014

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      my name is Marcel and im a fresh BA graduate from Germany. Ive been playing poker for around 5-6 years as a hobby with some small winnings live and online.
      Ive decided to give it a serious try now as i find myself more motivated than ever before.
      I also just relocated to Prague, where i spent my Erasmus semester and i totally liked the city because its price/quality ratio and lots of awesome poker opportunities.

      My game of choice in poker was difficult to find, i tried everything from SNGs , PLO NLHE Cash and some mixed games. I get bored really fast and tend to switch games when im not running well. But i also know that to be crushing i need to specialize in only one game at a time.

      At the beginning of the year i jumped into HUSNGs and realized that i tilt to fast in them even i was beating the 7$ level, as well as i tilt in PLO cash games. So i started to realize that almost all of my former winnings came from MTTs and that i should stick with them. I also really enjoy them the most.

      To be playing the 180s i needed to grind a BR from 80$ that i had left in my Account. I decided to do that with 6max hypers as i found them really funny and soft to play. But i want to study a game with future prospects and i dont want to be a rakeback whore so i only used them to build up my roll for MTTs.
      Here is my 6max hyper graph for 3,50$

      So with some Rakeback and a bit of Cashgames i have a 800$ roll to start with.
      I will be playing mainly 2,50s 180s and be mixing a few 2-5 $ MTTs from time to time.
      So far my first games went pretty awesome with 2 winnings and a third place.

      Now lets come to my goals.

      I want to become a midstakes MTT reg, meaning to beat MTTs to 50$ - 100$ levels and 180s up to 15$. My big goal is to play an EPT some day.

      I have basically free time until August 2015 where i want to start my Master.
      My 2nd goal is to be able to live from my earnings during my studies for my master. I think i will need around 700-1000 euros/month to be able to do that.

      I will try to update this thread as often as possible, giving some insights about my study/playing routine as well as some brags and beats :)

      Stay tuned and rock on!

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      Good luck!
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      Hi Marcel,

      Welcome to the blogs,

      Nice to see one MTT blog around, I'll follow, keep us updated and in for some shipameeeents :)


      Kind regards,
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      Wow! ive had probably the two roughest days since i ever started playing poker. Lost about 100 BI. Lost every single important hand i played :) Got a lot of times close to the FT before busting to flips or shoving AQ into AK.
      Ive studied alot of videos, e.g. Tomsoms Liveplays and OMGclaydols 180 series so i think that im kind of shoving ranges correctly, but it seems that im at the bad end of the hand too often.
      Anyways, hope things will turn around tomorrow:)

      BR at 660 now. I will grind hypers again if i should fall to 350$ to give it another try :)

      Thanks for your replys! Lets go!

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      Another frustrating Day. Bubbled the FT 4-5 times due to losing flips or AK vs AA.
      So im down about 130BI now. hope things will turn around! :)