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    • patuxz
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      Heya guys. I hit platinum status last month.
      Now i want to ask what are some TOP platinum videos to watch?
      Little background: i play 50nl 6-max regular tables as main game, have played 100nl also.
      I have watched content from Oblioo and Internet and the platinum video from YourDoom.
      I like videos that don't go too in-depth into theory. Gameplay videos are good since i can incorporate some strategies to my game. There doesn't seem to be that many concept-videos, so watching gameplay/session review videos seem to be my only choice.
      Any suggestions?
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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hey patuxz,

      Congrats on reaching Platinum status! :)

      Regarding videos, there's a lot of good content out there. Also, there certainly are some concept videos out there. For example there's this video on blinds vs button spots:

      Blinds vs button spots

      Also, you might find our "old" NL Bootcamp useful. These videos cover a lot of live play but also some theory so this might be something you could use. You can find those videos here:

      Platinum NL Bootcamp videos

      Of course you should look for videos that you think you'll enjoy. For example, watch a video from a few different coaches and see which coach(es) you enjoy learning from most. You can then watch a number of their videos first, for example. You know better than anyone else which videos might be useful for you but it might take some research first :)

      So hopefully that helps and maybe some of our other members know some must-see videos for you as well.

    • tonypmm
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      Once we're on that topic, you need a new Platinum PLO producer. Either persuade Skodljivec that he's good enough to present material on PLO100-200... or teach nesterzhzhot from the Russian community to speak English well :f_biggrin: