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Back again... FGS vs ICM

    • MHW1983
      Joined: 29.07.2014 Posts: 6
      Hey guys,

      it's been a while sind I last played online poker and especially SNGs.
      Back in the days I used SNG Wizard to analyze my game regarding ICM and stuff.

      When I started playing catch up last week, I found out that SNG Wizard is old stuff :) So I tried Holdem Resource Calculator.

      That was the point I first heard of FGS (Future Game Simulation), so I started searching for it and found some stuff about it.

      I mean good players did this kind of stuff back in the days. -EV shoving from UTG to maintain stack sizes with fold equity.

      The question is:
      Should I start analyzing my plays with FGS because it is some kind of ICM 2.0?

      Thanks for your answers!


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    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 5,940
      Personally I use FGS with 1 hand in future as default. But using bigger hand amount only in special cases. So e.g. if you are UTG+1 you might want to use FGS with 2 or 3 hands to evaluate the situation as blinds hit you. Especially if you have short stack that has huge impact by those.

      But problem with higher FGS amount is much larger processing time and inaccuracy. Its not that likely that whole table would play with nash ranges for future 3 hands. So going for higher than 3 hands is kind of pointless really. But FGS with 1 hand is quick and I dont want to keep changing between ICM and FGS.

      Also spot where you definitely want to use FGS is bubble situations. E.g. in 9max bubble you are 2nd or 3rd stack with bigger stack behind. Shortest stack is in UTG with few BB. In this sort of spot there is lot of changes for your shove range as UTG will get allin in next hand very often.