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In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

    • Kokkelivekkuli
      Joined: 29.07.2013 Posts: 3
      Hi everybody! This is my first blog ever and im a bit nervous how its gonna go down. I think the main idea of this blog for me is to keep me motivated which is very hard sometimes. I won't be updating this daily, only when i got something to write.

      Something about me:
      First of all, english isn't my main language so it isn't gonna be perfect.. hopefully you'll get the point :) .
      I'm 22 years old daydreamer from Finland, chasing the better life instead of dragons.. I've been a fan of different kind of intoxicants since teenager and i'm aware that if im gonna follow that path it's not gonna be pretty. It feels like im totally stucked in my life right now.. Shitty, boring job where everyday feels just like yesterday. Just wating day to end to get fucked up. 5 years ago, this definitely wasn't that what I dreamt of. I always thought I would be travelling all around, living the life. Seeing the world while its still there.. I know it's not too late but now really is the time to slap myself in the face, cut the bullshit and start head to right direction. For me poker would be the best way to achive that. The freedom of being poker pro is just unbelievable.. but that is faaaaaaar away :P I know it's not gonna be easy, but i'd like to open that door.

      My poker "career":
      I started playing NLHE cash games about 2 years ago, mostly for fun. There were times when i took it seriously and did some good progress. But
      usually just played drunk or high, tilted and lost my winnings. I climbed up to NL25 and it seemed pretty easy for me, until the "relapse" :P .
      The biggest leak in my game is definitely mental game and most of all MOTIVATION. I really hope that keeping this blog will increase that. It would be awesome to find ambitious people with same goals (and same stakes) to practise with! All this information feels so overwhelming sometimes to handle all my own :P . My main goal is to be able to play poker for living by the end of the year. For me that means atleast beating NL50. I am now back to NL10 with 405$ BR

      Gonna hit the first session later. There will be some graphs and hands after that. Now when its written here I got to do it :D

      Sorry for the finnish:
      Jos löytyy suomalaisia jotka kamppailee samojen pelien kanssa ja tekis mieli vaikka esim. skypessä käydä yhdessä käsiä läpi nii laittakaa YV! :)
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