PKR in Latvia

    • benaars
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      Hey there,
      Is any of you playing on PKR from Latvia?
      Since there has been changes to LV legislation regarding poker and gambling sites I was wondering if any of you can still play there? (or any-other poker site?)
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    • KKNgroup
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      I play other pokersites (like Pokerstars and Winner Poker).
      There are changes made to forbid access to poker sites home pages, but pokerrooms at the moment works well for me.
    • iceblast56
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      I am here aswell (came for studies). I have had installed party poker and pokerstars software before I came here. Couple days ago I tried my first session but I failed to login to party poker software, but I played normally on pokerstars software. I am confused what to think of it (since poker was a part of my income)... But I think I have even installed an update for pokerstars and it still works.. anyone with more info?