Our Gemstone VIP promotion is back for an action-packed four-month period at the end of 2014, with double Gemstones up for grabs during September and cash rewards paid out in January.

Please note that this time round, the Gemstones promotion will be exclusive to William Hill players.

What is the Gemstone VIP promotion?

The objective is simple: earn Gemstones for every 2,500 or 7,500 StrategyPoints that you generate per month at William Hill.

Earn Gemstones, earn cash on William Hill

This VIP promotion is exclusive to PokerStrategy.com members and grants you extra rewards for grinding in the final four months of 2014.

• Earn Gemstones by generating SPs at William Hill
• Maintain Gemstones with consistent volume throughout the promotional period
• Receive cash rewards per Gemstone in January

How do I collect Gemstones?

It's easy - simply earn at least 2,500 SPs or more each month and you'll be awarded a Gemstone:

September 2014:
• 2x green Gemstones per 2,500 StrategyPoints
• 2x red Gemstones per 7,500 StrategyPoints

October-December 2014:
• 1x green Gemstones per 2,500 StrategyPoints
• 1x red Gemstones per 7,500 StrategyPoints

January 2015:
• We sum up your Gemstones total for the entire four-month promotional period
• We apply any deductions/resets of your Gemstones counters
• Any green Gemstones remaining in your total each become $25 cash
• Any red Gemstones remaining in your total each become $75 cash
• Your cash total will then be paid to your William Hill account

Additional details:
Note that Gemstones are added on top of existing rewards such as our Top100 promotion, the William Hill VIP system and any central promotions run by our partner room. Bonus SPs do not count towards earning Gemstones.

Opt-in to take part

As stated, this promotion is now exclusive to William Hill. In order to be awarded the prizes you've earned, you need to opt-in via the William Hill website.

As long as you opt-in before December 31, you will still receive all the cash rewards you've accumulated during the entire promotional period.

Opt-in now

Consistency breeds success

The Gemstone VIP promotion rewards consistent play over long periods, so missing a month can cost you!

Deductions of green Gemstones occur if you fail to reach 2,500 SPs in a month having already earned at least one green Gemstone and deductions of red Gemstones occur if you fail to reach 7,500 SPs in a month having already earned at least one red Gemstone.

However, the two deduction systems are independent, meaning that if you lose your red Gemstone balance (fail to earn 7,500 SPs in consecutive months) you will still be able to carry over your green Gemstones as long as you've earned 2,500 SPs.


BobbyFishSticks earns 14 green Gemstones and 4 red Gemstones in September but only 2 green Gemstones in October. At the end of October his green balance will be 16 and his red balance will reset to 0.

BobbyFishSticks earns 8 green Gemstones and 2 red Gemstones in September, but in October he doesn't any any Gemstones. At the end of October, both his green and red balances will reset to 0.

Good luck at the tables, and please feel free to post in this thread if you have any questions about the promotion.