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      Sorry I can't answer your question directly, and I can't be specific about PKR.

      I'm not sure how long you've been involved in on-line poker, so please forgive me if this is too basic.

      All poker rooms have security policies regarding withdrawals. Some have different policies depending on the amount of money.

      Depending on the jurisdiction, the poker room may be required to perform security checks before releasing funds.

      The following are some of the things poker rooms may do:
        Require a deposit before any withdrawal is made
        Require documentation of place of residence, date of birth, citizenship etc.
        Require that you play a certain volume before a withdrawal is made.

      There may be others.

      Your best course of action is to obtain a copy of PKR's terms and conditions and follow them scrupulously. If there is something in them that you don't like, play elsewhere. Attempting to circumvent the T&C is a great way to lose one's bankroll.

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