High stakes poker live

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      Hi, uuuooohhh,
      Not only don't I know the answer to the Macau question, I really wouldn't even know how to find out.

      I suppose you could obtain a list of all casinos in Macau, and somehow find out how many seats they have for poker each night.

      The likes of Tom Dwan and Gus Hansen play there -- I don't imagine that they do it just because it is so much fun.

      What do you consider high stakes?
      At home here in Canada, I can play $2/$4 NLHE any night of the week.

      When I'm playing (which is very rare) there is at least 1 fish :coolface:

      Best of luck!
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      i was founding at least nl 2000 or 4000 (blinds 200$-400$)