Linking my pokerstars account to my pokerstrategy account

    • DenizenZ
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      Hey folks. Great little poker community you guys have going on here.

      Im fairly new to online poker. Ive played some here and there but never seriously. Only recently I started reading about bankroll management and the need to focus on position as much as the cards, the basics i suppose.

      Anyway I thought id throw a few quid on and try my hand at grinding some sit and go's. Im sat at ten seater $3.50 fifty fifty games and managing to hold my own. I think it would improve my game to get hooked up on here and maybe try a few lessons.

      I wonder if it is possible to link my Pokerstars account to this site, and if so, how?

      Thanks in advance.
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    • TheMarxBros3
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      If you pokerstars account was set up before you joined this excellent site then I'm afraid the answer the mods are going to give you is no.
      However there is free money here and once you partake of the spoils here you can then join another site linked through here.
      It's always good to have more then one site to play on.
      For me personally I play on 3 sites.]
      Stars is my main site and I am not linked here with that site.
      I also play on PKR and Everest. The Everest site is linked here.]
      Good Luck. There are a lot of sharks in them there waters. :s_cool:
    • Lazza61
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      Hey DenizenZ,

      Welcome to :)

      Sadly accounts can only be linked on creation. But all is not lost. Check if you have any free money available. Taking advantage of one of these will give you lifetime bronze status, a tracked account to earn StrategyPoints as well as opening up more of our site.

      Don't know where to signup? Then check out our Choosing the right Poker Room for you thread. Just answer the questions in the original post and we'll do our best to find the most suitable room for you.

      If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.