I must be an idiot - how do you see stats NOT by player in PT3?

    • Therk
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      I honestly cannot find a way to see my complete stats, not player by player. Could be because its 4:16 am here but can anyone help an idiot lol? :P

      Also if anybody has a site which has a guide on using this thing itd be appreciated.
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    • SalamiandCheese
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      I think you'll just have to run a report. Make sure the "filter on current player" is not checked (it's checked by default) in the filter menu. Just choose your stats for your report and you'll see the avg's at the bottom. You can also export it to a spreadsheet so you can perform more advanced calculmulations.
    • gape0000
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      more advanced calculmulations.

      sry but this made me laugh so i had to point it out :D

      back on topic ,
      did u select ur screenname under texas holdem tab u've got a "settings" button there on the top right side to do that.

      U should see ur complete info under other tabs like "position", "vs player" ,