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    • Kokuruz
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      Hello the :f_cool: is back :)

      Anyway I was going through this article when I read this:
      "You would play this hand the same way if, for example, T :club: had shown up on the turn. Once again, if your opponent raises, folding is your best option."

      I mean why would T :club: be a scare card here?
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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hey Kokuruz,

      The idea is that turn raises are generally very strong. Especially if you have no info on villain, it could easily be fine to just bet/fold because villain likely won't raise with enough worse hands to justify bet/calling, despite the Tc not really being a scare card.

      The main point of that section is to show that turn raises (especially at the micros) generally indicate a very strong hand. Although the article is slightly older, that same principle still applies now.

      Hopefully that helps :)