Conversation Before Hand

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      Hello Annie, i've been searching about a billion different ways of searching an answer on google about 35 pages on every one search and can't find an answer . Most certainly it's the most trivial thing in poker or something like that but it cripples my posture and keeps my life very hard to deal with. I'm a poker dealer at a local Club, and NOONE wants to answer, avoiding it or plain simple doesn't give a you know, and i say that because i couldn't sleep for days in a row, i find myself snoring with my eyes open when i try to breathe deeply.. So before the hand being delt there's a conversation at a table (i guess it's about pressure building), and i tried to shake them off me but still can't do it, until i realized that somehow the underthegun should get the pressure, i realized this when i saw the only woman at the table while i was just about to make the first riffle the player from the button made the UTG+1 player to say if He f*cks with lubrifiant and other perverted ways. Than i realized they we're talking about the UTG woman. Now who asks who? is it the BB to Sb to the Button and so on and so forth? how Does it start? is it only a question ? and what does a dealer has to do? I've been dealing for about 5 months and my employee and colegues keep telling me you're still a newbie... and i know this is my only problem. I know it matters how do i cut the cards and so forth... but i can't put it in words. I can deal a hand from the wash till the end in like 10 seconds, can follow the pot size in realtime, can take the rake at the end of the hand not more than a second needed, but that's my main flaw! I know it's important what card from the riffle ends up on the deck.. (meaning the one on the left portion of the deck or the one that's on the right.) how i cut the deck is important before the last riffle. THe routine is very important and i simply don't know how to put it in words. Also i don't know why is the Under the gun position called this way, Who has the gun? I know you don't have time to waste on stupid trivial things. so Thanks
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      Basicly u have the worst spot that a poker player can have. Because ALL other players and their actions comes after u have decided what to do. Even the sb gets to atleast act last pre flop, but post flop he is allways in the worst spot. But even worse then SB is UTG, because every decision made in poker comes after UTG has acted. :)
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      Hey Kytzy,

      Welcome to the forum!

      Could you please shortly explain what your question is exactly? Is it why the first player to act is called UTG? Or is more about the table chat and how to deal with it?

      Also, did I understand correctly that you deal the cards and are not actually a player yourself?

      Just let us know and we'll see what answers we can come up with for you :)

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      I would say they chat because live poker is so boring, and they are rude because they are rude. Important thing is, dont take it personally. I know it is hard, but you will get used to ignore them.
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      Just shaddup and deal the cards.
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      Originally posted by MrMardyBum
      This is possibly the oddest thread I've stumbled across in while... Just saying.
      I stand corrected.
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      Yeah i'm just the "casino" (local club) dealer. So UTG is the worst position in poker, of course... but players are talking about AA vs KK; of days; and months and other things like that ... somehow exploiting weakness where they find... and somehow it ends up on me. (what do does mean??? ) what is the

      To put it in other words.... The basic routine of the poker dealer is to wash the cards... which basicly means to scramble them around for a while, after that gathering them, next is the squaring which has to be done by one hand while the other keeps the deck in place and away from the dealer. than breaking the deck in two halves which are riffle shuffled twice than stripped (does it have any conotaintion to Suited hands?) riffled again and than... placing the cutting card in front... (why is this the best moment to ask for the blinds to be placed?) then cut and then squared by some form of gesture.
      After that the cards go flying into air through like a flick kind of gesture. (and the conversation goes something like: Didn't you say something you are going to another place?)

      what should i do in order to follow the conversation? i mean... i'm dealing with the right hand does it mean something else than dealing with the left hand??
      meaning that when i sit at the table the players start talking about that "trip" kind of but in a pretty slow manner...

      but when the left handed colegue comes.. .the player look like they've about to run like a MF out... everybody starts talking like place the blind already feeling the pressure on the blinds (the blinds)

      in that matter... i look closely and the colugue "casino" dealer peaks at the cards while riffling.... he can also talk at the table... and i can't in fear i'm gonna do something like controlling the conversation or remaining with some words that i have to say in the hand.

      Also i realized that if i say action in my head while riffling the conversation springs like a japanese train on rails..

      also... i would love to know why does it matter if the casino dealer deals with the left or the right hand? does that mean something like liberal or democrat?? (i dunno it's just a stupid guess but to understand where is the extent)

      PS: i found on a site that if the dealer deals with the left hand... there is a problem with the mucked cards?? (why is that??))

      (on the same page what do fingers mean.... i only found some symbolism of (rings on the finger) ... so... when i pitch the cards? what does it mean if it's dealt from the left hand or the right hand?? ) is the left hand more of a cash game hand preffered?? i dunno where is anything going...

      Hope i clarified some questions here.