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      Hey Poker Followers

      I got some #'s for ur viewing pleasure.

      Got some Numbers..... I played seventy two $1.00/SnG/6H. I cashed 43 times. 28 I didnt! Got eleven 1st and thirteen 2nd and twenty 3rd. Did this in 3 wks. 43 cashed = $63.30-$28 I didnt=$35.30. Are these good #'s or not so good. my sessions are about 2.5 to 4 hours long. I play 2 to 3 tables at once.

      I would would appreciate any advice or suggestions guys...

      Thought I would try the $2.80/SnG/6H started this table Aug 14
      So here are some #'s
      played 24 games in total.
      five 1st ($7.50) and seven 2nd ($4.50) and three 3rd ($3.00) =78.50
      Didnt cash in 9 games ($2.80) of the 24 games. -$25
      $53-$25=$28 profit. Does this make any sense lol...

      Fish need Bait. Like Minnows :f_cool:
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