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SNG. Most profitable format?

    • Malykzaek
      Joined: 20.07.2010 Posts: 562
      Hey guys. The question is simple. Which format you think is the most profitable/easy to be beaten. What is your opinion and why do you think so? I'm gonna start the grind from 3.5 probably. What do you think about 6max hypers.
      I hope it gonna be nice discusion.

      Best wishes. Atanas
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    • evolv87
      Joined: 14.06.2011 Posts: 114
      I haven't got into 6max so I can't comment on those games.

      For full ring, I would check out the Knockout format as it seems to draw in tons of fish. My ROI in knockouts is considerably higher than in regular formats.
    • IvicaIliev77
      Joined: 31.05.2012 Posts: 4,327
      Most profitable and easy are not the same thing.

      Most profitable SNG format long term is no doubt 6 max hypers.
      You can play hundreds if not thousands of games per day and limits that they ran on are highest on Stars.
      Downside of course is the variance and thinner edges in that format. So anything lesser then SNE chase is not worth to pursue.

      If you want something easy, 9 max vs 6 max is much easier to master. Tighter opening and defending ranges pre flop; less post flop play overall = less troubling spots, easier for multi tabling ; ICM based mostly (master ICM and you can crush it).

      I would also add that despite 6 max hypers being profitable long run, believe that you can also make even more money if you played HU hypers from 60s+. I know for a fact that guys that play 30s can make all the from 3 to 7k per month. Assume guys grinding heavy 60s would make 6 to 10k etc.
      If it was for the profit, believe it is easier to achieve it via 6 max hypers. If you want to learn better pre flop and post flop lines + exploit opponents long term, HU is better choice.

      I do 6 max turbos, 15s and 30s, this year with average ROI of 3-4%. Have low ITM on 30s (less then 36%!!!) but you can have 4-5% ROI at 6 max turbo midstakes. Also next jump to 60s, mixing 30s and 60s 6 max turbos , 100 games a day, 300 days a year (2 months rest a year) , you can make same money as SNE makes BE with 3% avg ROI which is much more realistic then hoping for BE on 6 max super reg infested hypers.

      Best of luck with your decision and great thread!
    • Malykzaek
      Joined: 20.07.2010 Posts: 562
      Thanks guys. I probably will try with 9max turbo/knockout and 6 max. What do you think about the bankroll. 100bi are too deep for low limits so maybe 75 and go up/down with 50 for the next limit and 75 for previous?
      P.s.IvicaIliev77 request sent.
    • AlcopopDK
      Joined: 23.03.2009 Posts: 172
      At the lower stakes i think you should consider MTSNGs. in my experience the 45/90/180 mans are great for multitabling - and you can sustain a nice ROI doing it!