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New players special 2500$ question

    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      Today I recieved this e-mail:

      Congratulations! You made it! You now have sufficient points to gain FREE ENTRY to our New Players Special $2,500 Tournament!

      I don't think I meet their requirements. But why they sent it to me? When I opened Titan software, pop up showed me the same. I tried to register but it's restricted of course.

      Anybody recieved the same? I'm confused.
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    • NickParkes
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 1,526
      Hi Kenny

      I was also confused as I got an email saying I had qualified for the $1K freeroll when I met requirements for the $2.5K one... however it let me register for the $2.5k one which is correct.... so if you don't think you met requirements then try register for the $1K tournie and see what happens... looks a better deal as fewer players registered so far...

      Hope this tournie goes well... played it 2 weeks ago and won $150...

      Anyway gluck

    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      thx, Nick

      I tried both of them but with the same result. However I contacted online support and they asked me for 24 hours to solve this issue. When I will recieve result I will post it here...
    • Kimber88
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 1,333
      I contacted support. Here's our conversation:

      Kimber1988: Hello????
      Andrei: I apologize for the long wait. We try to attend to all our players the quickest possible time. My name is Andrei and I’ll be glad to assist you with your concern now.
      Andrei: How can I help you today, Anders?
      Kimber1988: I have recieved a mail saying that I can register for the New Players $1000 freeroll, but I can't?
      Andrei: I see
      Andrei: Let me check your points first
      Kimber1988: ok
      Kimber1988: I made about 1100 points in the period
      Andrei: Please give me 3-5 minutes to coordinate to our Poker Team
      Kimber1988: okay.. no problem..
      Andrei: Thank you for patiently waiting.
      Andrei: I am sorry but the tourney is restricted
      Andrei: What I can do for you since you have fulfilled the requirements, I will forward this to our Poker Team
      Andrei: Is there anything else I could assist you today?
      Kimber1988: how long as that going to take?
      Andrei: Please allow up to 72 hours
      Kimber1988: that I would consider to be useless and stupid. The tourny is tonight. I believe the tourney is restricted because you have to fullfill a requirement to register. That's what I did and you even send me a mail, that I could now register.
      Kimber1988: I can't believe that your software can be ythis bad..
      Kimber1988: I know it sucks, but I didn't expect it to be THIS horrible..
      Andrei: I am sorry for the inconvenienced
      Andrei: I am sorry if yu feel that way
      Kimber1988: right
      Andrei: Since this tourney is a first come first served basis
      Andrei: Not all player who received an invitation can actually join
      Kimber1988: there are 85 players registered?
      Kimber1988: and you're trying to tell me I'm laye
      Kimber1988: ?
      Andrei: All the player can join is on a restricted lists
      Kimber1988: and why am I not on that list?
      Andrei: Basically even if there are only few players that are registered all the slots are already full and is only waiting for the eligible players to register
      Kimber1988: what a joke..
      Kimber1988: this might be the worst promotion offer I have ever heard of..
      Andrei: We have thousands of new players everyday and have fulfilled the requirements fast so they are on the lists
      Andrei: Is there anything else I could assist you today?

      Yeah... I got pissed. What a crappy system..
    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998
      Ouch, I forgot about this thread

      However, it was allmost the same as in Kimber's post.

      Conversation was realy funny, unfrtunatelly I didn't save it. I told them again what happend and they allowed me to register. Nice, but turney was full. They told me three times: "Can You try to register now?" and I answered three times: "No, turney is full". Final sentece was awsome: "Since You met conditions for 2.500$ freeroll You're not able to join 1.000$ one, we are sorry". LOL
      I tried to ask them again why they sent me that e-mail. I had no idea why because I made about 600 titan points so far. But since that I saw only tons of promotions and "Is there anything else I could assist you today?". They sent me their newsletter three times during next 5 minutes. Probably as a compensation :D

      Well, great promotion by Titan. Kimber met their conditions and was not allowed to play. I didn't and only problem was that I was late. Nice :)
    • Agiz19
      Joined: 19.03.2007 Posts: 1,126
    • Kimber88
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 1,333
      And the next day I got a mail for an identical promotion running for the next couple of weeks. I don't think I will make an effort to clear the points this time. :D
    • phiRO
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 136
      Andrei: Not all player who received an invitation can actually join

      yeah same story with me. luckily someone dropped out just before. :D

      titan should really get onto that cos it happens with a lot of the promotions. annoying stuff