Hi guys, I've already had a blog here but Ive never been able to be constantly active on it. That was long time ago when I only played poker for living.

Now I have a full time job and poker is a decent hobby, I see many benefits to this, as I can be much less money oriented and I dont get burned out and sick of poker.

I like playing HU, but as you know its much more swingy than 6max, so I only play HU with 50+BI .
Im from Latvia and the sallary here is not to great so I still do cash out and with the small volume I put in my BR is not growing to rapidly.

Here's my last months graph, almost all hands at microgaming annoymous tables.

Running pretty hot and the sample is also "decent"

If someone wants to talk strategy, do sweat sessions or something like that, just add me at the community tool or write here.

Im gonna try to update at least one a week and also play more.
Gl at tables guys.