Titan or Pokerstars

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    • slikec
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      Both sucks big time for those two limits you wrote(NL10 and 1$ SNG).
      -you get FPP for every 0,4$ rake which means pot at least 8$ which at NL10 on average happens 1/20 max.
      -you get FPP per 0,2$ fee at SNGs which is low
      -So you get very little FPP and also not very good rake back deals at Stars for those that gather little FPPs.

      -you get 5$ for every 600points you make. Well for SNGs at Titan should work a bit i think you get 14points(not sure) for 1$ rake. If that is correct you get like 11,5% rake back which is low ;)
      -low limits you get really little Titan points which NL10 is. At NL20 you start getting titan points which could make rake back 20% i think.

      So my suggestion is nor Titan nor Stars.

      I suggest Everest maybe FTP.
    • exorcism
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      thanks for the advice... i am also open to suggestions :)

      I am already on FTP.