Hi. I would like to have some advice on which is the best way to deposit and withdraw money from a poker site while keeping the money that the site/bank steals under the tag of "currency exchange rates".

I understand that a lot of players keep most of their BR out of the poker site, and deposit and withdraw on a regular basis. However, I get the feeling that if I start doing this, in the long run I will lose a lot of cash just by the small margin I lose with the exchange rates.

What I mean is: say, I withdraw 10k $. I will receive some amount X at my bank account in swedish crowns. Then, I deposit the same amount X of swedish crowns into the same site, and the money i will be getting in dollars will be under 10k$. I want to keep the number as close as possible to the original 10k $. Is that even possible?

Do you normally withdraw your BR to your bank account? Or do you have something like a skrill or moneybookers account?

Thank you very much.