What do you think of female poker players?

    • jmchezka
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      I am an online poker player and I haven't really experienced playing live poker. I do want to try it but I have this impression that it is intimidating and that female poker players are not taken seriously. While others say that playing online poker is just a joke and that live poker is the real deal, I prefer playing online because I get to be myself, and my opponents (even though my username and my avatar shows i'm a female) can't and doesn't intimidate me.

      Regardless whether it's online or live, what do you think of female poker players?
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    • ghaleon
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      Well I dont make any assumptions of players by gender itself. Have played versus some females and some of them has been good and some not. Same goes for males obviously. But in general I would say that bigger part of woman that do play also have more interest for the game. As its not such common hobby or profession for them. So e.g. if I play live and see woman in table I think its more likely she has more knowledge of the game than unknown male player on average.

      Live and online poker differs a lot so its worth to try it out. Neither of them is more "real" than another. Often players who only play live thinks that online poker is rigged and so on. One side of that is simply volume. What I mean with that is that in live you might get like 30 hands in hour. In online while multitabling you might get close to 1000 hands in hour. So likelihood that some "rigged" (aka "unlikely") hand plays out is much more likely.

      So live is obviously much more social experience and if someone acts inappropriately toward you just say it to him. But from my experience that is rare situation. For poker side itself live is bit boring for me as there are so few poker related decision to be made. But that time can be used to follow how others are playing and more for social stuff if you want.
    • dannywratten
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      I have found 95% of live players to be terrible regardless of gender :D so I would not discriminate.

      Seriously though, agree with everything Ghaleon said.
      When playing against someone live I only concentrate on the information I know about them from past hands. whether they're male or female doesn't really cross my mind.
    • Harrier88
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      Anyone is capable of learning how to play good poker, I see no reason to make any assumptions about my opponents based on their gender. In the end, it is our cards and our chips that do the talking at the tables, it doesn't matter who plays them.

      Originally posted by jmchezka
      I have this impression that female poker players are not taken seriously.
      I don't know how widespread this attitude is, but if you ever come across someone who thinks like this, I believe you can actually use that to your advantage.
      I once read an interview with Katja Thater, who won the $1,500 Razz event at the 2007 WSOP. She said that whenever she's in a hand with a player who seems to have a bit of a macho attitude, she'd drop a line like "What's the matter? Got no balls in your pants?", and he'd never fold another hand against her for the entire night.