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      Hello all. My name is Hot_Flushez which is a take on Women of a certain age (not saying I am that age yet) and the poker hand of course.
      I have been playing poker for about 4 years on and off. I seem to play for a couple of months solid everyday then I have a break and don't come back for a few months. I think if I could stay with it I would be bit more successful.
      I only play micro stakes. I like Sit & Go the best, because my win rate on them is high. And I have just started to play micro tournaments more in the last few days and I have been pretty successful in them, cashing and finishing in top position, which is such a buzz. I think I maybe addicted to the rush of winning a field of players.
      I am very lucky as I haven't gone bust and I follow a good bankroll management thanks to the guidance and tips from pokerstrategy page. I actually haven't deposited any money since the first few days of playing online. I have managed to just play with my winnings and I have even been lucky to withdraw money from my poker account too.
      Good luck to you all and hopefully see you at the tables.
      Hot_Flushez x
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