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    • Tjablonsky
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      Hi guys, my name is Tibor Jablonsky, I come from Slovenia, and I have decided to write my own poker blog, because I want to improve my game, and go up the limits.

      I started playing a year and a half ago, by registrating into Poker strategy, with the SSS.

      After that I changed my strategy to BS, NL10 FR. Right now I'm playing NL$25 SH, and I want to go up the limit to NL$50.

      My plan looks like this (correct me if I'm wrong somewhere):

      [U]Starting Bankroll: $761
      Goal: $1500 (as soon as possible)[/U]

      How to get there?

      My expected winrate is somewhere around 4BB/100 hands. My plan is to play around 500 hands per day, 20 days per month, that means 10000 hands per month.

      Expected winrate is at that point 400BB=100$ per month.

      meaning: I need to play another 70000 hands to go on a higher limit with that kind of winrate.

      Starting day: Today!
      See ya!
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    • lennert9
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      Good luck with that goal, but don't get to frustrated if you don't make 100 $ in a month... I found that goals like that could lead to tilt.

      I hope to read your progress
    • kukkiwonBG
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      Imo you can expect something like 6 big blinds/100 on this limit even higher. But still don't look what are your winnings per month when you are going to play only 10k hands. Maybe 3-4 months are better time frame for this.

      I wish you the best of luck and see you on the NL50 tables as soon as possible

      Best regards,