Hi all

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      Hey :) ,

      joined PS about a month and a half, but as I'm a shy person :D until now I was just an observer in the forum.

      I've been playing NL10 on Full Tilt (I know, I know about the rake, but I didn't when I chose the platform for the starting capital, so i'll just stick to it and hope that my BR will allow me to move to NL25 soon - In the last weeks I managed to get my BR up to $100; $70 without the bonus cleared). I don't play that much (BSc in mathematics takes most of my time :tongue: ) - an average 100-200 hands a day (~1hour in 4 tables), but hopefully in a few weeks that will change.
      In the near future I'll start posting some hands too, found it very useful to browse that section :) .

      Kisses :) ,
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