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    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      What up PSdotcom...Firstly I'd like to say PS has a cool community which I like and secondly I don't expect anyone to follow this because I'm just looking for a place on the net just to blog as a journal to keep track of my own progress and having it on a poker site makes it feel legit to me for motivational purposes...I think PS feels a little comfy to stick around...but please do feel free to follow if you want.

      Just to whoever would like to know what this is below, this is my strategy plan for the goals and achievements I have in mind. So pretty much having to complete all of these achievements in a day is my aim for each day I plan to play poker.

      One last thing I'd like to mention, I've tried so much ways to succeed in poker. I studied, I don't think I worked hard enough though but got involved in a few things and everything I've done things just wasn't working. This past week I looked else where and searched through the net and came across videos on youtube that changed the way I think I should approach poker. I came across an hour video of a millionaire teaching how to set and achieve any goal you have in life and tells a little bit of his success story, and then from there I was searching everything about the topic of setting goals, achievements, etcetera. This is one of the reason's why I say I don't expect anyone to follow because to be honest I have never tried it yet. I just finished after 5 days of putting together everything and all the thinking, brainstorming and the sleepless nights I've been going through and I've finally put together the strategy to follow. And now the tactics come in which I'll be putting together as I go. Then the process of this is to go over and over and over again enough to see my progress and to evaluate the outcome. So sorry to type so much, I didn't expect to type all this down from this point...maybe I'm just feeling the motivation all of a sudden.

      Anyway...My Strategy
      I have to follow in order I have it because it works out with the days I have ahead of me. It's not going to be an everyday thing due to schooling and other involvements. But do hope to be able to have 5-6 poker days a week or at least complete all achievements in each goal.

      New weeks start on Mondays.

      Goal #1 (5 Achievements) - Motivation
      A1. Watch/listen to a motivational video. (1 Pt. for each)
      A2. Write down 1 positive quote of success for the day. (1 Pt.)
      A3. Visualize your goals. (1 Pt.)
      A4. Prayer of "Strength" (1Pt.)
      A5. Record Progress. (5 Pts.)

      Goal #2 (4 Achievements) - Forums
      A1. Browse forums threads and get involved.
      A2. Browse hands or topics that interest you.
      A3. Seek Q & A’s.
      A4. Record Progress.

      Goal #3 (7 Achievements) - Sessions
      A1. Play a session (1 Pt. for each)
      A2. Hands played (1Pt. for each 500 hands)
      A3. Players Profiled (1 Pt. for each)
      A4. Notes. (1 Pt. for each)
      A5. Marked hands. (1 Pt. for each)
      A6. Stop losses. (1 Pt. for stop)
      A7. Record Progress. (5 Pts)

      Goal #4 (7 Achievements) - Session Reviews
      A1. Review after session. (1Pt. for each)
      A2. Analyze hands. (1 Pt. for each)
      A3. Filter. (1Pt. for each.)
      A4. Post hands into forums. (1 Pt. for each)
      A5. Stay active with hands. (1 Pt. for each)
      A6. Seek Q & A's. (1 Point for each.)
      A7. Record Progress. (5 Pts.)

      Goal #5 (6 Achievements) - Training Video
      A1. Watch a training video. (1 Pt. for each)
      A2. 100% Focus and concentration. (1 Pt.)
      A3. Take notes. (1 Pt. for each)
      A4. Seek Q & A's. (1 Pt. for each)
      A5. Thoughts on video. (1 Pt.)
      A6. Record Progress. (5 pts)

      Goal #6 (6 Achievements) - Reading
      A1. Read a strategy article or chapter. (1 Pt. for each)
      A2. Contain good knowledge from what you read. (1 Pt.)
      A3. Take notes. (1 Pt. for each)
      A4. Seek Q & A's. (1 Pt. for each)
      A5. Write thoughts on what you've read. (1 Pt.)
      A6. Record Progress (5 Pts.)

      Goal #7 (3 Achievements) - The Range Game (Optional)
      A1. Select hand (1 Pt. each)
      A2. Determine range. (1 Pt. for each hand correct)
      A3. Mark score of how many hands played (1 Pt.)

      Goal #8 Complete all GA's in a day. (10 Pts.)

      Total up all points at the end of each day, week and month. This will tell you how much effort your putting into your game.

      Deliberate Practice Points
      Mark yourself with points to determine your days work progress with the scoring below.

      1pt = Each hand analyzed.
      1pt = Each task completed.
      1pt = Each forum thread started.
      1pt = Each forum post.
      1pt = Multiples (Hands, questions, answered, posts, etc).
      1pt = Anything else related.
      5pts = All tasks in goals completed.
      10pts = All tasks & All goals reported.

      Always be on the lookout for new goals and achievements, new ideas, anything that would help with my game.
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    • TheStudente
      Joined: 27.03.2013 Posts: 28
      Nice introduction man!
      What stakes are you playing on? :)
      GL at the tables!
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      I'm actually starting from the near beginning, so I'm playing 4nl atm...I was up at 10nl but just felt like nothing was going well...TBH I felt like I missed a lot rushing to climb the stakes so figuring I put myself back and try to cover the things I think I've missed, it might help me approach the game a little more better like organized...Overall I just wasn't happy with my win rate. I know I can achieve a higher win rate. For the micro stakes I'm aiming somewhere between 8-10bb/100...4-6bb/100 is good but I think higher can be attainable.
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Well I'm glad what I've done so far and so I'll record my progress before starting an afternoon grind.

      Motivation - 7 Tasks completed
      Focus by Eric Thomas video
      Quote of the day
      Visualize my Goals
      Visualize my daily tasks
      Write down tasks for today
      Record in Journal

      The Read of the day - 7 Tasks completed
      Easy Game by Eric Seidel -Chapter 1 "The reasons for betting"
      Posted a question in forums about thin value betting
      Got an answer about thin value betting
      100% note taking full page
      Enjoy the chapter and gave thoughts
      Record in Journal

      Long night last night, behind on schedule but this won't stop me of completing these goals. First plan assignment so things are on a slow start trying to get used to the process.

      Only one session for today, still trying to get used to this routine and hopefully get more sessions in once I'm pretty clear of what I have to do within a full day.

      My quote of the day "IF YOU ARE BRAVE ENOUGH, YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND YOUR DREAMS" - Eric Thomas a.k.a E.T.
    • mikelito85
      Joined: 19.08.2012 Posts: 1,105
      Nice strategy ur following to achieve your goals...I think I'll do something similar! Good luck!
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hey NextChamp, welcome to blogs and what an opening!

      I actually really like your second post, it speaks volumes for your commitment and youir strength of mind already. It's tough to put the ego back in the bag and make sure you're game is ready before you move up, it's not an easy thing to do. Many kudos points for that one! :s_cool:

      Good luck with the blog, I like this one and I'll definitely pop in for a look to see how you're doing.

      Best Regards,

    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Hey Thanks guys, always good to keep a good mindset...Even though it's been pretty tough for isn't easy and I've noticed with a strategy plan it really motivates me to getter done...and I'm actually enjoying it a lot more because I know what I have to be doing :) GL guys
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Alright, adjustments made to strategy plan order. Kinda knew it was gonna change because things don't turn up the way you expect until your actually performed it. Happy with the routine order of goals and tasks though since it fits my days right now, but it will have to eventually change.

      Completed Goals and Tasks
      Already Posted motivation and Reading earlier today.

      Training Videos - Completed
      5 min video by James Sweeny “Blind Play Against Unknowns
      100% focus and concentration.
      100% note taking, full page.
      Posted question in forums about the.

      Sessions - Completed
      1022 hands session.
      17 players profiled and 3 good notes on opponent.
      9 hands marked
      No Stop Loss :)
      Personal notes taken during session.

      Session Review - Completed
      Reviewed after session
      Filtered 3bet pots
      Analyzed 4 hands
      2 hands posted into forums

      Getting Involved (Forums) - Completed
      1 thread
      1 post

      [B]11pts Motivation
      11pts Reading
      10pts Training Videos
      38pts Sessions
      14pts Review
      7pts Forums
      10pts Full Journal

      Day 2 - 101 GA Points[/B]

      1pt = Each hand analyzed.
      1pt = Each task completed.
      1pt = Each forum thread started.
      1pt = Each forum post.
      1pt = Multiples (Hands, questions, answered, posts, etc).
      1pt = Anything else (Conversations, podcast, exercises, etc).
      5pts = All tasks in goals completed.
      10pts = All tasks & All goals Journalized.

      Not much information on the completion of the goals and tasks as I keep them all logged in my Google Drive. If anyone has anything they want to know more about just ask, I'll be happy to answer what I've got logged in. But I should post a little more detail here so that I don't 'have to jump around to much just to make things a little easier for myself. But it's just the beginning and I'm just getting used to this.

      One thing to mention is that I'm going to be attending school in like a week so some of this will change but my strategy stays the same it's just I don't know how much I'll be able to get done in a day with other things to do. We'll see how everything goes but for now stick with the plan to slowly organize a well organize procedure.
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Wasn't happy with my session, I've noticed in the hand histories I've made a few errors involving calling in the 3 bet situations. Analyzed some of the hands and came to taking notes and hope to work on that leak.

      Session 1022 hands
      4-6 tables
      171 mins played
      Loss of -$2.93
      Close to a break even session.
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Thought I'd post this one first for the rest of the day since everything else come at the end of the day.

      Starting of the day - MOTIVATION

      Task 1 Completed - 3 Motivational youtube videos - Famous scenes from movies.
      a. Dreams.
      b. Unstoppable.
      c. Prepare To Die.
      Task 2 Completed - Visualized goals, tasks and dreams. Visualized that I’m going to make it, I’m not going to let anything interfere with my vision of succeeding.
      Task 3 Completed - Wrote down Goals, Dreams and Daily quote...Back pocket.
      Task 4 Completed - Journalized

      Off to a better start, getting things done 3 hours earlier than yesterday. Most likely longer session, hopefully 2000+

      Task 5 completed - Quote of the day
      “YOU MISS 100% OF THE SHOTS YOU DON’T TAKE” - Wayne Gretzky

    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Once again re-adjusted my strategy plan that I have above and find that it's starting to really come together like a system. Yesterday been busy and missed the day to blog about it. Went to a minor hockey meeting and got a spot on the committee yayyyy! So I'm kind of pumped for that one. 6 year old Son is playing hockey this year and pretty stoked about that too.

      Well according to my schedule that I'll be starting school on Monday and going to be involved in the local minor hockey association, I made my strategy plan a little different.

      I'm limited to some of the GA's but will keep record of what GA's I got completed throughout the days. Scores will let me know my progress and what I'm working on. Be good to try and keep them at an equal count.

      Yesterdays GA's

      G1- Motivation
      A1 - Reported above

      G2- Read
      Nothing done.

      G3- Training Video
      A1 - The Ultimate Guide to pre-flop opening ranges.
      A2 - 100% focus and Concentration.
      A3 - No notes.
      A4 - No Q & A's
      A5 - No thoughts.
      A6 - Progress Recorded
      2 Pts.

      G4 - Sessions
      A1 - 2 sessions
      A2 - 928 hands
      A3 - 11 players profiled
      A4 - 5 notes on opponents.
      A5 - 5 marked hands
      A6 - 1 stop loss
      A7 - Progress Recorded
      30 Pts.

      G5 - Session Review
      Nothing completed
      0 Pts.

      G6 - Forums
      Nothing Completed
      0 Pts.

      G7 - The Range Game
      Nothing Completed
      0 Pts.

      G8 - 1 GA Completed
      0 Pts

      Day 2 - 48 GA Points
      149 Total GA Points

      Obviously not a good day, my days need to be more disciplined. Maybe setting up a schedule with some kind of agenda like in my iPad but who wants to carry around an ipad all nice to have something smaller. I have to figure something out.

      Well my day isn't over for today so most likely post today's GA tomorrow. Anyways good luck at the tables guys. cheers.
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Added 2 other study strategy habits which is what I do in google docs. I have one document where I log my all my notes into where I make sure I categorize it so I know where, when and how I came about the notes. Same with the questions I come up with...I will log it and make sure I know where I asked the question and what kind of feedback I've got and save which I think the best answers are so I can later look through my notes whenever I need some refresh exercise.

      Rearranged Goals order, decided to put the strategic goals behind the session because I got some tip from video that it might interfere with how you play. It's probably also best to watch after the session goal because you get to spend more time on the strategic goals to just you know like look more into it and question about some stuff.

      ***Just to mention, will be posting session progress once everything starts to go very well organized and more smooth. atm I'm on a downswing to around -6 BI's and played over 3000 hands since I've started this thread. I'm hoping to log more hands and try and free up more space but I strongly believe on the learning part is a big thing when trying to climb the stakes...Just like I've mentioned from the start...I want to do this right and make sure I don't miss anything and not rushing ahead of myself. I think that was the problem last time which made me hit a wall where everything felt messed up and found myself in the dark.
    • Demonic226
      Joined: 22.10.2010 Posts: 1,461
      I like your comprehensive approach, can I ask where you learned/read about this system?

      And good luck reaching your goals of course!
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Originally posted by Demonic226
      I like your comprehensive approach, can I ask where you learned/read about this system?

      And good luck reaching your goals of course!
      Yeah I'm trying to get in as much as possible to work on my game why I'm always on the look out for GA's to add and this is my own system. Everything I'm doing and how I'm doing it is what I've been putting together all week. So I'm actually in the works of this. It's fun, hard working and helps keeping me on top of be honest it's a little stressing sometimes especially at the beginning 3 days ago because my plan layout wasn't like how it is today...As I kept working to put it together it's been getting easier to follow as it's getting more in order of things.
    • NextChamp
      Joined: 14.05.2014 Posts: 21
      Holding off progress reports for the rest of the week...Due to busy schedule unable to play and study as much. When having to try and do poker and everything else feels like I'm not fully putting 100% concentration.

      Will resume September 21st and by then should have my plan a little more organized. Still putting my plan together to work out with my daily schedule.