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      Hi guys,

      I've been playing for few months following my Excel "plan ahead" chart to a letter.
      I count the winning/losing of a days play in %. I play only Omaha Hi in 0,50-2$ tables.
      I've been doing some like 5% winnings(or 4% or max. in $ losings) in a days play. When i hit the mark i stop for the day. I kinda think playing as an investment.
      I also have in my chart a days max. $ if i follow a year plan(240 workdays in a year).
      basically i think 10-15% month winnings are good in business, but poker is poker and Omaha is way in its own swings.

      What do you think is a good % marks on a days/week/month play fo a pokerplayer?
      And what do you think is a bad % for days/weeks/months play?

      sorry bout my bad english, i hope you get my point.
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