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      What a rough week it has been. But at least i managed to make 1 profitable day today.

      Almost everiday i hited my stoploss. My coach revieved my hands everitime and he didnt see any major flaws. maybe i could play 2-3 hands better. But most of the time i just had bad luck. AK vs A8.AA vs other pocket pairs preflop allin and flushdraws. Mostly people sucked out on the river. I was just smiling while they took my money :) I just hope that luck has changed :) I am not tilting at all as i am used to downswings. I even lost 3k€ in one week in sportsbetting last year. My coach said that i should worry about my graph as it is part of the game. Its just that i never had such a big downswing in my poker carrer. maybe because i never played for more than 2-3 hours per day. But now i play 7 hours+. +I have to work everyday for 8 hours which is quite exhausting as i am not working in a office and doing nothing :)

      There is still alot of things to lear. I mean ALOT.

      The title of my graph should be called, Heading into the mountain of doom :D
      Sexy downswing :D
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