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Best way for review a session

    • jcuriel85
      Joined: 04.11.2007 Posts: 58

      I just want to ask you people how do you use pocker tracker to review your poker sessions to improve your game?

      I am a mac user, so I cannot use sitngo wizard to analyze my game, so what do you suggest me?

      Thank you very much.
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    • breena
      Joined: 14.09.2010 Posts: 412
      I mark hands to review as I go and always take a look at them after or before next session.

      If I feel like doing more I check bust out hands and hands where I won or lost a big pot to see if there are any mistakes.

      ICMizer lets you check 3 hands a day I think.
    • michel2311
      Joined: 14.11.2011 Posts: 2,121
      Dont know if Holdem Resources Calculator works on a Mac but it has a 30-day trail which I;m using now and really like the programm.

      For the rest same as breena. Marking hands during play and analyse them later or taking 1 kind of hand like all preflop all-in hands. Try also asking myself lot of what if questions if I analyse.
    • PokerTracker
      Joined: 07.06.2011 Posts: 694
      There are two common methods for post-game review.

      1) Mark hands while playing, then filter those marked hands to be reviewed after the game is done

      2) Run a report to find specific situations that commonly are complicated and hard to profit in - such as SB when facing a LP raise, BB when facing a BTN open, facing 3Bets from late position, etc. Use a positional Stats report (not a results report). Drill down to the position, then right click in the Hands report and select Replay All Hands.

      Once you are in the replayer use the Options menu to setup the review method, we typically advise using Stack Sizes in BB and Stats at the time of the hand. Also in the Options menu look at the Navigation menu, this will help you use keyboard shortcuts.

      PokerTracker 4 includes ICM Calculation and Simulation built right into the replayer, you can modify opponent ranges and review results on the fly all within the replayer, there is no need to use any third party apps for ICM calculation - in fact few will be as accurate as PokerTracker 4 because of our built in tournament detection which determines payout structure necessary for calculating ICM with accuracy. We do not however support "NASH" for situations before the final table, in PT4 we only provide ICM tools for final table play.