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Moving through micro and low stakes by full dedication and hard work

    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093
      Hi all,

      Have an old blog here from more than over a year ago. I'm a poker player from Holland. I play it almost 6 years now I think. Mostly for fun, sometimes tried moving up stakes but highest I played was NL25 and shots NL50. Played also MTT’s and SNG’s. Mostly failed because of discipline, not great goal setting, lack of persuasion, tilt and so on. Right now studying economics of business, just started the 3rd year, so this are my last two years. Basically in August I thought to myself, I have two years before I graduate, I have two years to show I can beat NL100 and beyond to myself. I made some plans, and trying to treat poker like a business. I deposited to play NL5, beated it and took a shot on NL10. Had a 12 buy in swing, played NL5 and beat it again, so playing NL10 SH zoom right now.

      The first challenge/vision I have is to get to and beat NL25 over a minimum of 20k hands before the end of this year.

      I am doing an internship until the end of January, so have to work from 8.00-16.30 every day. I try to dedicate most of my evenings to poker. Try to play between 1,5-2k hands of zoom every day. Really want to get volume in, but will also dedicate a lot of time to study.

      I will do the following things to increase my chances of success:

      • Every month I will look only one time at my cashier. This will be at the end of each month.

        Have made two excel’s I fill in daily:

      • Mental excel (give a note for different area’s like focus, tilt resistant, mistakes, decisions, overall game)
      • Game excel (information about how many hours that day I will dedicate to playing, studying. My actual playing hours as how many tables, hands, rake, vpp and fpp’s)

      • Have a pre and after session checklist.
      • No autopiloting
      • Just joined a studygroup
      • Post hands
      • Practice math every day
      • Try to update my blog daily
      • Weekly goals
      • Daily goals

      Goals for today:

      • Evolution of poker part 3
      • Practice 0,5 hour math
      • Play 2k hands
      • Review my session
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    • NutzAreOk
      Joined: 28.01.2011 Posts: 7,409
      Welcome back to blogging! :)

      Never is too late to learn the game more. Gl with your goals!
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,630
      GL with your blog sir.
      How ended your goals of yesterday?
    • vandeuren
      Joined: 21.11.2012 Posts: 576
      best of luck there with this blog, think u are in new studygroup that started yesterday, if so thanx for presession checklist, really good idea to get mind ready for grind, c ya
    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093

      played 2k hands, watched evolution of poker - street poker. Did not practice math. Tonight I will review my session from yesterday and post some hands. Did not really played a great session I think, not really deeply focused:)


      Yeah thats me. NP. Some more tracking sheets and post session checklist i have if you are interested. I tried to really organize my poker business.

      Goals for tonight (22.30 at home, girlfriend needs also time haha)

      • in train to my gf I will practice some math with the book: poker math that matters
      • play 1k hands
      • review hands yesterday, post some hands
      • review notes from walkthrough series and notes from evolution of poker series.
      • optional: if I have time left maybe play another session
    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093
      Yesterday played 1k hands. Did play my A-game, but so many spots where I not sure what the best line/betsizing is. I did not have time to review my session. I did practice math (some EV calc, outs counting so I can use that quicker ingame).

      Tonight I have some more time to play and learn.

      Goals for tonight:

      • play minimum of 1.5k hands
      • review every note from walkthrough series, look at my coldcalling ranges from blinds
      • look at 25 hands where I am IP and could cbet, think about a plan and if cbet was good/not good
      • practice 0.5 hour math
      • post some hands from the review
    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093
      Yesterday reviewed some hands and played 2k hands. I think I have to work a lot harder and more effective on my game, because I still make very stupid mistakes, or like 30 min in a session I don't think anymore that deeply and make small mistakes.

      Tonight I will start with the articles here on pokerstrategy to read and understand some concepts. Also I think I will watch the walkthrough microstakes series again, review the notes and look how it effects my game before I move on with evolution of poker series. Also want to post some more hands. I have to post one hand every day I play in the hand evaluation section, and have to post some more interesting stuff in my blog.

      Goals tonight:

      • Review walkthrough notes, and read one articles.
      • 0.5 hour practice basic poker math
      • soccer training
      • play a minimum of 500 hands, 2 tables of some.

      Also booked a coaching session with w34z3l for next week, definitly looking forward to that :)
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,630
      Nice to see your going the right direction.
      How was the coaching yesterday with w34z3l?
    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093
      @sdk Tonight I have personal coaching with W34z3l :) looking forward to it.

      Last 2 days I didn't play, was busy with some other stuff. Still have to update my blog a little more. What I was thinking of too help me learning better and more effective, is too build a word form to fill in every time I go studying. With questions like:

      What are you trying to learn?
      What are the concepts behind this you have to know?
      How can you put this in practice?
      How can you review if you got the concept implemented?

      Will today think of more questions and build a form like that. Also want to play a session today, but just not happy with my game right now. I think it's to weak/nitty. Plan is too see what big leaks will come out of my coaching tonight, and then making a learn plan for every week and day.

      As of today I want to post every playing day one hand in my blog, ask more questions on the forum If i am stuck studying, and set day and week and month goals. My main goal is still to beat NL25 before the end of this year, I think it's realistic, but have to put more time in my game and work a lot harder.

      Burning of motivation, so no lack of that, only need to put my time in effectively.
    • CamboCat
      Joined: 19.10.2012 Posts: 127
      I admire your dedication. Good luck on your quest!
    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093
      Thanks Cambo!

      First of all did I watch yesterday the secret of simplicity of Gordon. It was kind of an I opener to now that I'm still not working hard enough to really get to where I want. It was also really some motivation.

      The second and more important thing yesterday was that I had my first private coaching, the micro-checkup with W34z3l. I think it was really great and helped me alot. He definitly knows a lot about poker and explains it very easy understandable. Also was happy that my overall stats looked good and the fundementals where there. Its something I am really working on the last weeks. One thing I have to fix is my red line. Its going down to much. We searched for the leak at the leak, and I think found some big one that can improve my winrate a lot.

      Also by taking this coaching my motivation did explode to work much much harder, knowing better how to approach some things and really give me confidence boost. I'm trying to really search for the reasons why things working some ways, and really want to understand the concepts, that I can use them effectifly.

      I think I can do a lot to improve, and probably will take some more coaching if moving up the stakes.

      That being said, made some plan to attack my weaknesses.

      First things to improve:

      • Walkthrough series, looking at my ranges:
      • Watch preparing for takeoff, you raise, I 3bet, defending vs 3betters and 3bet pots oop.
      • Watch c-betting and planning
      • Practice math, ingame and in theory, learning to calc quickly implieds/outs/odds
      • Review every 3bet pot I play, post the hands
      • Watch one video of bogdan / session review in holdem manager
      • Watch 3bet pots with internet
      • Watch internet @preflop math
      • Think about capped and uncapped ranges on flop

      About every time I want to learn something, I have to fill in this form:

      Study checklist

      1. What concept, play or math am I going to learn?
      2. What info do I need, and where do I get it from?
      3. What is the relation theory vs practice?
      4. How can I use this concept in practice?
      5. How can I review if I got the concept implemented?

      Let's go
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,630
      Didn’t expect you had a private coaching of him.
      Your also following the Gold+ coaching’s of W34z3l?
      Do you try what you have learned in practice on the poker tables?
      Further GL with improving your game.
    • livethelife7
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,093

      Graph stars NL10 zoom:

      With rakeback, a 5$ bonus on fulltilt cleared and 30$ winnings on 24h poker my month was breakeven.


      Non-showdown (working on that, 3betting more, steal more, better play postflop)
      SB & BB winrate (working on that, defending enough, just 3bet more, play stronger postflop)
      Bu winrate low (stealing more, playing better lines postflop)

      Good stuff:

      CO winrate
      UTG winrate
      Thinking proces improved a lot

      Average notes, playing and mental

      on a side note: all notes between 1-10, only mistakes is total of seen mistakes in a session. After each session I give myself notes. This sheet was updated last 25 sept. so after that no notes, have to start doing it again :f_frown:

      New goals this month:

      • 30k hands on zoom
      • improving daily routine
      • update blog min. 3 times a week
      • learn learn learn, first focus on my leaks, following my study plan I will make for this month

      Most of all, get my business routine as a habit, and just improve like hell in october :s_cool:
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,630
      Sounds like a good plan for October. GL with playing this month.