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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,741
      Hey ry57614,

      You will probably find the information you require in this post by my fellow mod, Harrier88.

      But why stop there. You should also take advantage of one of our free money offers. This will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn SPs, the ability to send friend requests and PMs through our community tool. You will also be able to post images and graphs directly into your posts, as well as opening up more strategy and videos.


    • ratoski86
      Joined: 15.09.2014 Posts: 1
      :f_eek: :f_grin: :s_love: :f_frown: :s_cool:
    • Marta
      Joined: 06.12.2010 Posts: 9,938
      Hey ratoski86!

      Welcome to the community!

      Why don't you open a new thread and introduce yourself to us?

      You can create your own topic in this thread

    • alex3203
      Joined: 14.09.2014 Posts: 3
      im sorry to say this, i believe, not know to sure, this site is a little fake, because say give in 48 hours, 50Usd, and next i download a software, and nothing... is a joke when receive at my bank 50 usd
    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,588
      Hi alex3203,

      I can assure you there's nothing fake about our site or the free money. If you've been waiting more than 48 hours for your money and still haven't received it, just send us a ticket and we'll try to get it sorted out for you as soon as possible.

      Also note that sometimes the transfer of your money might fail, for example because you mistyped your username. In such cases, you'll receive an email/ticket from us to inform you about this.

      Hopefully you'll be able to get the money soon, and just let us know if you have any other questions :)

    • alex3203
      Joined: 14.09.2014 Posts: 3
      is correcctly, to send via iban person account, not understand, how i receive the real money...
    • Harrier88
      Joined: 01.05.2012 Posts: 2,170
      Hi alex3203,

      I'm afraid there has been a bit of a misunderstanding. The free poker money is supposed to be transferred to your account in the poker room that you have chosen, not any personal bank account.

      Please take another look at the instructions for the free money offer:

      Free cash: how does it work?

      When you've decided to play at NetBet Poker...

      You'll get €20 free cash if you deposit at least €20 using the promotional code FREE20. The first €10 will be released to your NetBet Poker account immediately and the remaining €10 will be credited 7 days after your deposit.

      Additional benefits from making a deposit to NetBet Poker include:

      A €20 to €1,500 bonus, depending on how much you deposit.
      Instant Silver status at
      Free entry to a $1,000 tournament.

      Sorry for the confusion. If you experience any other problems concerning the free money offer, feel free to contact customer support.
    • luka8
      Joined: 25.09.2012 Posts: 2
      you can find your strategy tickets go to your account and it will appear there
    • MTV100
      Joined: 29.08.2014 Posts: 29
      winer poker not giving me SNG tickets i invited friend to pokerstrategy
    • tokomoney
      Joined: 13.01.2012 Posts: 4
      greate question
    • darkonebg
      Joined: 17.01.2008 Posts: 9,508
      Hey guys,

      luka8, tokomoney - Welcome to the forums! I am sure you will find it great here and we would like to know a bit more about you - why not let us know you better by Introducing yourselves?

      @MTV100 - I am not sure about the details of your issue. As I have seen you getting replies about it in the other thread, did you write us a ticket as suggested by fellow moderators? If yes, check your queue, you might have a reply already :)