• strandgaard82
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      Hello everybody.

      I have received my 50 dollar bonus for passing the quiz. In the e-mail it says that i have to earn 2500 points to withdrav the bonus, but other withdravals are allowed.

      I deposited 50 dollars myself, to register my credit card.

      My question is; Can i withdraw some of my winnings, even thoug I have only collected 1000 points? My plan is to withdraw 200 dollars and leave the rest to play for, is this possible?

      Edit: How come I haven't received any part of my 100 dollar ekstra bonus, when i have played for approx. 1000 point at titan.
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi strandgaard82,

      as far as I know you can withdraw all your winnings as long as your 50$ remain on the account.

      If you already generated at least 35$ rake but didn't get a bonus please contat the titan support.

      Best regards,