Advanced Equilab Use

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      I've looked around extensively trying to find "the" defining Equilab thread on here and I was unable to do so. I apologize if I just missed it and this thread should have just been a post in that thread and obviously a mod can feel free to move this if it's appropriate.

      I have recently started using Equilab and Flopzilla as I'm a relative beginner to poker (as of this summer in fact) and have really gotten into the game knee deep and beyond already. I am addicted to both pieces of software and am already toying around with the trial version of CREV.

      My question is this: I've figured out a lot about how to use Equilab already and am surprised at how much I'm getting out of it already. Where can I find some advanced guides or discussion on getting absolutely every drop out of this program? I think there's even more there than what I'm seeing and I'd like to get to it as soon as possible.

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