I was wondering how can I upload my hands to this forum. If someone can describe me the whole proces

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      Hello festerf1,

      This question has already been answered in this thread:

      Originally posted by VorpalF2F
      In HM2 right-click a hand to bring up the menu, from which you choose "View"
      On the bottom right-hand side of the view window is a row of icons. The left-most one allows you to copy the hand in various formats. The one immediately to the right of that allows you to choose the format -- PokerStrategy is one of the selections.
      After selecting PokerStrategy (not Poker Strategy.org) in the selection box, click the "Copy Hand to clipboard" button.
      Open a new forum post and paste it in.

      Note: You only need to choose PokerStratey once -- it will be the default from then on (unless you change it, of course).
      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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      Same thread before some minites :f_biggrin:
      You can find your answer here:
      Posting converted hands on forum???