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    • kimmie007
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      I am just wondering I had a Poker770 account created though Poker strategies and tracked as well now what my dilemma is. I have never created a NetBet account with Poker Strategies now because they have merged with poker770 when I tried to log into my Poker770 account I automatically was directed to a tab to click and I guess my poker770 account was then automatically connected to NetBet Poker and all my information was then transferred as well without me having to do anything at all. What I am wondering is do I have to still create an account at NetBet though Poker Strategies in order to have it tracked as was my Poker770 account or is that done automatically as well, and if that is the case am I entitled to all the perks as to a new account seeing that I have ever actually created an account there at my own free will. This is something that I really need some help with as I do want to make sure that I am not losing any of my strategy points etc.... I would also like to make sure that that this merged NetBet Poker account is being tracked. Can someone please help me with this so very confusing issue. please except my thanks in advance for any answers are very appreciated.
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    • Harrier88
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      Hi kimmie007,

      No need to worry about that, your Poker770/NetBet account stays tracked after the merger, just as it was before. You don't need to do anything.

      However, I have heard that there is a possibility that your StrategyPoints will not be updated immediately due to some technical problems with the reports. Hopefully, the issue will be sorted out as soon as possible.

      If you do notice some delay in the accumulation of your StrategyPoints, I'd advise you to contact customer support about this, they will be happy to sort it out for you. In any case, there is no need to panic.