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MTT Coaching with LuckyLukePS

    • LuckyLukePS
      Joined: 28.08.2014 Posts: 190

      Hi everyone! =)

      My name is Luke and I'm a mid-high stakes MTT grinder.

      I'm so glad to be a part of this great site and look forward to working with you.

      About me:

      I have coached and produced training content for a number of top sites, including of course PokerStrategy!

      I am also a writer and tutor by trade, and I live with my family in the UK. I'm very into philosophy, gaming (of course!), ecology and the natural world, as well as meditation.

      You can find all my coaching videos as they hit the site here:

      LuckyLukePS Videos

      Why study with me?

      For one thing, I'm very friendly and always take time for a bit of a chat (off the clock!) with students before getting down to business. I think that's very Life +EV for us both :)

      I'm certain that wherever your game is at now, I can help you rapidly leak-bust and increase your ROI, as well as aiding your ability to self-study and manage your relationship to the game more optimally.

      My background is in teaching, and I've taught academic classes in Critical Thinking, Communication Studies and Philosophy, which has helped my poker coaching abilities immensely.

      I view coaching as essentially a very interactive process, and welcome questions from students at any and all times!

      What you can expect in my coaching sessions:

      • A 20 minute FREE Skype consultation for all interested parties
      • A first diagnostic hour where we establish where your game is at and what you need
      • Detailed MTT HH review & analysis with rapid leak-busting
      • Themed classes and videos on request
      • HH written analyses
      • A full course available in tilt control and mental game
      • Live sweats of your play and of mine (please note I never give advice until after a hand is over, so don't even ask for ghosting!)


      • My usual rate for one-off coaching sessions is $95/hour
      • I offer packs of hours at substantial discounts on this rate (over 20% off!)
      • From time to time I run group coaching sessions at around half this hourly rate per student, in small groups of 3-5

      Contact me:

      • Please feel free to contact me here on Pokerstrategy by PM

      My results:

      My stats show a very healthy profit line over a solid sample, please view below, and please see the link to my PocketFives rankings.

      My PocketFives

      I mostly play on Pokerstars and Party Poker, with a few other sites mixed in

      My stats:

      (last updated 08/07/15)

      Image above shows results for the stakes I coach, and my main grind, $0-110.

      Recent deep runs in the bigger ones:

      13th and 5th in the Warm Up
      6th and 4th in Bigger $162
      9th and 5th in two $1k entries in Party Poker's Powerfest
      1st in Hotter $75

      I have strong references from students and training sites as well as stables which I have worked for, and have not had a dissatisfied student yet in over 2 years of coaching.

      Looking forward to working with you, and good luck at the felt.

      Lucky Luke
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    • lila28
      Joined: 31.05.2013 Posts: 125
      I am getting couch from LuckyLuke for more then month.
      I can say he is really good couch, understand technical and mental game elements.
      LuckyLuke huge experience in couching before starting couch poker definitely is something what will help in studying process and benefit students in any skill level.
      It very easy to organize studying session times and topic.
      I definitely recommending this coach.
    • Fr0z3nByt3
      Joined: 11.01.2011 Posts: 83
      Hi! Can you tell us more about the tilt mastery course? How long is it and some more details about it... I only found the price on your website. Thanks!
    • LuckyLukePS
      Joined: 28.08.2014 Posts: 190
      Hi, yes of course!

      The Tilt Mastery course is flexible in length depending on the needs of the student - with some it is a handful of hours, others an ongoing thing with regular sessions and it is very much based around the individual's needs / challenges.

      As for the content of the course, it is of course very focused on mentality, and so it starts, as my strategy classes do, with a diagnostic, to get a sense of where a student's current tilt problems lie / what is causing them.

      I have a lot of materials I use in the course, including presentations with bullet points full of ideas we unpack in discussion - I'll post an example screenshot here, a slide where I talk about the model of the Ninja as an ideal archetype for the tilt-free poker player.

      A lot of the discussion centres around how best to understand ourselves, our own egos, and our relationship to the game. I honestly see tilt as an incredible opportunity - an opportunity to see where we come unstuck in our emotional reactions, to learn our way through that and to become more equanimous & calm and more whole human beings.

      This is obviously great for our poker game but also has direct application across to all other areas of our lives - something I love about tilt control, as so many of the things we learn in poker don't have such a direct application outside of the game. This does.

      There's a lot covered in the course and it evolves with each student, but to give you an idea of the range of content covered, here are a few bullet points:

      • The nature of self, ego and our relationship to it
      • Tilt as an opportunity (all problems as opportunities)
      • Relationship between poker and the rest of our life
      • Handling variance and deep bricks
      • The zero sum factor in poker
      • Exploitation and being a good guy
      • Optimizing mental state
      • Aggression in poker
      • Being in the present moment
      • Being responsive rather than reactive
      • Choosing where to put our focus
      • Decisions vs. results
      • Time spent away from the felt
      • Life EV and Poker EV
      • BRM and taking shots
      • Helping others in the community
      • Good and bad adjustments
      • Adaptation and flexibility
      • The relation between reason and intuition

      That's a quick summary of some of the key concepts, of course they aren't unpacked here, that's only in the course ;)

      I also highly recommend certain practices in students' own lives including meditation.

      I tend to give various (optional) activities out between classes, as I do in strategy classes as well, to help cement material covered in class time.

      Hope that gives a good idea of what's covered, there's always more to talk about to be honest!

      Good luck at the tables :)
    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      I can definitely recommend Luke for any MTT grinder of low to mid stakes. He has good knowledge and knows how to pass it on students. He points out your leaks quickly and helps you replace them with the right play. Overall I am very happy with his coaching and the price for low stakes grinders is just the best! :s_thumbsup:
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    • 18071987
      Joined: 02.05.2007 Posts: 1,284
      I git this pleasure to be coached by Luke. I will suggest to get lessons for any player who starting or already started journey with MTT to be sure the theoretical and practical play are on decent level. After couple of hours i see difference how I am looking for spots and I am more focused on decision rather results.
      I really enjoy my time during coaching and for sure in future I will get more to keep my level of thinking on pretty nice level. Luke is very peaceful and openminded person with nice humour :f_thumbsup: .
      As coach he want to knows your point of view first and know how you react in certain spots an know where you have leaks. For best results I will suggest to get more that 6H coaching lesson. Why? This same is with villains after 5 hands is hard to say something about our opponent, so I guess after couple hours Luke will know your flow and way you think. :)
      Very nice from his side that he give homework to do and is depend of you that you will be prepared for next lesson or not.

      Luke thank you very much you make my game much better as it was before I get coaching from you.

      I wish to everybody to enjoy coaching as I enjoy :) :sfishg:
    • jj92260
      Joined: 16.06.2013 Posts: 1
      Luke, please let me know where to direct a coaching inquiry. Thank you
    • LuckyLukePS
      Joined: 28.08.2014 Posts: 190
      Hi JJ,

      Thanks for the interest, please feel free to Skype me at lukehaward, or to email me at You could also PM me here at Pokerstrategy :)

      I am on holiday until tomorrow, but back to work Friday!


    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      Im not an MTTs player and I rarely follow your coaching (sorry about that) but Im going to play the micro-millions and I will not miss the tomorrow's coaching for nothing on this world! :f_biggrin:

      Thank you very much for this special coaching
      very very very appreciate ... Thanks! :f_thumbsup:
    • Mintplay
      Joined: 17.07.2014 Posts: 3
      micromillions perfect vid idea! looking forward!
    • kocken2016
      Joined: 27.09.2016 Posts: 44
      thx for sharing :f_drink: