New tools for tournament players.

    • typohh
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      I have put up a couple of tools on my website that I regulary use myself in tournament play.

      The first is tool to calculate how much you actually make playing a tournament. Say your skills at the poker table allow you to play ROI 50% in a tournament, but if you overextend your bankroll you may end up only realizing part of that ROI, or even making a long term loss despite your poker skills. The reason for it is that especially in large field tournaments, most of the money you win in the long run comes from the final table cashes, and those final table results are just too far between. The risk to your bankroll is too high, when compared to the potential gain from a good cash. And as a result all too often do you have to go down the stakes too much before you actually win the big one, at which point the big win probably doesnt even cover the buyins of the earlier tournaments that you used to play with higher buyins.

      The second tool is an ICM calculator for situations with multiple tables left. Most veteran SnG players are used to taking ICM into consideration, but it also applies to tournaments situations with multiple tables. You can now calculate the aproximate $ value for a stack at any given point in a tourney, and use it to make better decisions.
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