how good are my stats?

    • lennert9
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      after playing about 5000 hands according to the SHC , I've got:
      a vpip of 17,4
      a pfr of 8
      a af of 1

      I've recently becae a bit more agressive, so the AF might go up further, but the pfr kinda worries me... shouldn't it be like 11 or so (I am pretty sure that I stick to the shc with regards to preflop raising.)
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    • opal99
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      I'm not sure what PFR should be in FR (you play FR not SH, right?), but 8% is very low. It may be because of a lot of overlimping, if you play limits like 0.1/0.2 (many limpers before you act), but you should be more aggressive preflop to get advantage in later streets. Look through some recent hands where you limped as 2nd or 3rd limper abd post them in sample hands forum - maybe you make some constant mistake caused by misunderstanding the chart... it's worth a try.

      1.0 AF is too low too, but as you said: you know what to do to raise it, so keep going :)
      btw: you can filter out only last few sessions so you can check how your AF stat improved over the time (2.0-2.5 should be optimal) - even 500 hands can enough sample size to judge if you're passive or aggressive.

      Good luck!
    • lennert9
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      I play FR indeed, thx for the very usefull post

      I just checked my stats for the last 1800 hands (I played really well there at 17.3bb/100 hands) and found that my stats were:

      VPIP 12.6
      PFR 6.7
      AF 1.4

      so raise about half the hands I play

      another good statistic is the following one I believe:
      w$@sd: 63,9%

      so I'l going to have to work on that preflop raising, but I still think that I play perfectly according to the shc.
    • ciRith
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      Hi lennert9,

      stats over a small sample size are often influenced by the variance. If you get a lot bad cards your PFR can't get to the standard value etc..

      Your AF is ideed a bit low so maybe you can post some hands in our sample hand forum.
      About our preflopgame you can review your hands and check if you played them correctly b the charts.