ElephantHUD problem.

    • DaPhunk
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      I have a problem that is starting to aggravate me more and more;

      Normally starting when i have opened up 6 to 9 tables or more, The ElephantHUD will seemingly randomly just not work for some tables I open up. It just Doesn't appear on that table, no-ones stats appear and the table average display doesn't appear either. Leaving and immediately rejoining this table never works. (However, I think Elephant still keeps track of profits/losses on these tables)

      To give you an idea of the extent of the problem; It will happen every single session i play that multiple tables will not have stats displaying at them. It has happened a couple of times that out of 9 tables remaining just 3 of my tables have stats working at them.

      I cannot work with this program with the amount that this keeps happening. Is there an inspired way I can fix this and/or is there a program available in the Pokerstrategy shop that I can import my elephantdb to? eg. Holdem Manager or PT3.
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