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In Fullring we trust! Fish climbing through Zoom FR

    • ImpasX
      Joined: 16.07.2013 Posts: 81
      WHY BLOG ?

      This is my 2nd blog(First one lasted for couple weeks). This time I'll try to share my feelings related to poker,hands(I hope to get some feedback), just to chat with you guys.

      MY STORY

      Well, since this blog is dedicated to FR and not going to move to 6max like others, so I'll start my story how I started in FR.
      I started playing FR, last year in december, 5NL ZOOM, had an insane heater, thought this is so easy, so grinded for couple months( I'M HUGE BR NIT). Then moved to 10NL ZOOM grinded for 200k hands, again was probably fish on heater, then massive downswing came, like -15BI, this was a huge DS for me, because the biggest DS I had was like -3BI, I wasn't mentally ready for that big DS, well ofcourse after heaters comes DS, as expected. :f_frown:

      So, hope you're not bored yet. After DS, I cashed out 80% of my roll, just not to spew, because I was kinda tilted, and got back to 5NL ZOOM. After huge DS, Ofc 60k breakeven strech wasn't fun, but somehow grinded through it.

      so now my roll stands at 362$, going to move up to 10NL ZOOM when I reach 500$( again I'm bankroll nit).

      My goals::

      1. Don't check my HEM results through the session, only in the end of last session.
      2. Move up again to 10NL in October.
      3. Start doing shots in 25NL by the end of 2014.
      4. Finish reading mental game of poker.

      Wish me GL.
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    • ImpasX
      Joined: 16.07.2013 Posts: 81
      So as I said, i want to discuss more about mental game in poker. :)

      Want to ask your advice guys about Downswings. I have problem, like I hit something like -4BI which is standard I guess, I'm scared to play next day, scared to lose more of my roll, ofcourse i'm overolled for the 5NL and money isn't big for me, but just feeling of losing makes me sick.

      So, how do you handle loosing days, and prepare yourself for next day play ? =)