hi all,
question 11,has me baffled.
The hero has an open ended str8 draw,there are 2 hearts on the flop,the hero has no hearts.
There is $8 in pot,villan bets $2,thus an $10 pot,costs hero $2 to call,= odds 5/1.

However we only have 6 clean outs,so 47/6 =7.8/1.
Now we dont know how much villan has behind,so we cant call when we are only getting odds of 5/1.
However it is dependent on getting to the river,and how much it will cost to see the river,if we miss the turn.

If the villan is all in then it becomes a profitable call, odds of 7.83/2 , our odds to hit are 3.9/1, it then becomes profitable.

so my conclusion is that we are calling the bet on the flop, pot odds 5/1
to hit the turn we are nearly 8/1.

So do we then use implied odds